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Your guide to chatting on the Internet

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There are many things you can do
on the Internet besides browsing web pages and talking on the Internet Relay
Chat (or commonly known as IRC) is one of them.

Chatting on the Internet is a great way to meet new people and make new friends.
Whatever your interest, there are channels to suit you. If you need help with
anything in particular you will likely to find people that can help you. It
is also great to for business meeting.

I?m not even bother talking about those chat rooms you might have come along
when browsing the World Wide Web like the one we have at KhmerKrom.Net because
they are slow and there the features are very limited. There are a lot of reasons
why IRC is better than web based chat rooms, such as the ability to talk to
more than one person at a time, multi channel, file transfer capability, fast
real time chat, chat in colour texts, and other other feature such as sound
and ability to run your own script.

To chat on the IRC, you will need to download special software. There are a
lot of IRC software available for download, most of them are shareware but you
can get some free ones too. My favourite is mIRC
because of its user-friendly interface and its great features over other IRC
programs. You can download other software from TUCOWS
or Download.Com. Don't forget
to check out our Fonts
and Tools
section for these software.

Getting Started

Once you have installed your favourite IRC program it?s easy to get started.
All you need to do is run the program. Fill in your name and nickname; select
a server closest to where you live and click on Connect.

It is important to select a server closest to your areas because of the speed
reason. There are different types of sever such as DALnet, Undernet, EFnet and
so on. If you want to chat with your friend, make sure you log into the same
server otherwise you will not be able to talk to each other. On mIRC they list
they their server in this format:

Usually after you are connected to a server, a channel dialogue box will pop up. To go into any channel, simply click on the channel name and then click on OK. If that does not pop up, here are a few commands to get you started:

Join a Channel
/join #channel_name - this command
let you join an existing channel, if the channel name you specified does not exist,
then this command becomes creating a new channel. Don?t be surprised if you typed
the command for example #join Cambodia
but then you discovered there is no one there. This just means you have created
a new channel called Cambodia.
Talking to Someone in Private
/msg name message - where name
is the name of the person you want to chat to in private, and message
is the message you want to say to the person. Alternatively if you see the person
in the chat room you want to talk to, just double clicks on his/her nickname and
start chatting! Another way to chat to someone in private is to use the DCC feature.
This allows you to chat directly with the other person without going through the
server. This mean if your server cut you off for some reason, you are still able
to talk to the person. If you use mIRC, to use this feature simply click on the
DCC from the menu bar and then Chat then type in the name of the
person you want to chat to.
Getting a List of Channels

/list -min 5 -max 20 - this
give you a list of channel within min 5 and max 20 channels
/list *internet* - give you a
list of the channel with the topic or name 'internet'. There are thousands of
channels on IRC, so be cautious not to type just /list
because it might crash your program. You can?t close the list window
until all the channel names are listed. For a starter, I recommend you to join
#newbie or #help. There are people there who are prepared to help.

Some Ethics

There are a few IRC ethics you should to know:

  • Don?t do anything illegal in there, because there might be someone watching
    you. And before you knew it, those guys with the word FBI at the back banging
    at your door!
  • Don?t use capital letters when you speak because it is regarded as SHOUTING!
  • Only accept DCC file transfer from the person you knew. Don?t accept strangers?
    because you don?t know what is in the file. It could be a virus or could be
  • Have fun and stay safe. One last warning though?you might get addicted to chatting on IRC!

    Any problem or questions don?t hesitate to contact me.


    hi all
    why am alone when am creat a new channel #cambodia
    i dont 1 this channel privat but for all khmer
    i want to chat in this channel like in khmer.ws
    which one should i download ???
    mIRC 6.16, for Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP, NT etc.

    American and Canadian sites

    mIRC 6.16 in Georgia
    mIRC 6.16 in Illinois
    mIRC 6.16 in Illinois
    mIRC 6.16 in Iowa
    mIRC 6.16 in Massachusetts
    mIRC 6.16 in Michigan
    mIRC 6.16 in Michigan
    mIRC 6.16 in New Jersey
    mIRC 6.16 in New York
    mIRC 6.16 in New York
    mIRC 6.16 in North Carolina
    mIRC 6.16 in Quebec
    mIRC 6.16 in Texas

    i also download jave n firefox but cant plat #cambodia
    when i go without jave it's error connecting time out
    i hope u can help me
    thank to much


    The biggest Khmer IRC Chat server is irc.uirc.net, server build by Khmer from Phnom Penh, 80% of visitors are people in Cambodia, we chat in 3 major languages Khmer English and French.

    Visit http://www.khmer.ws/chat [www.khmer.ws] for more ifnormation


    How to chatting to people, friend??


    How to chat with Cambodia people, the only place where Cambodia People United on the Internet

    or change your server to irc.uirc.net or using command /server irc.uirc.net