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Beginner's guide to building a web site

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There are millions of pages on the web and amongst
them, this site have a database of over 400 Cambodian and related web links.
And every so often, I have people submitting their web page address to be
added to the database. So, isn’t it about time for you to follow the

So, why would you want to have a web page of your own? Having your own home page
is a way to have your present on the net. You can create it to tell the world
who you are and where you come from, what you like and dislike, share your photos
with your friend or relatives in another part of the world, and what ever it is
that interests you. You can even put up your diary on a web page and share it
with the people around the world.
How to get started

For a start you can create a simple home page with a few lines of texts, a
few photos plus your favorite links. All web pages are created using HTML (HyperText
Markup Language), which is a programming language that is understood by your
web browsers. You don’t need to know how to program in HTML to create a web
page! You can get a free HTML editor (or a web page creator) that allows you
to create your web page in similar way as to creating a word processing document.

For a beginner, you don’t need fancy and expensive programs to create your
web page. If you are using Netscape 3.0 or better, your browser comes with a
web page editor that’s easy to use. If you are using Windows 98, it comes with
MS FrontPage Express that enable you to create a good-looking web page. It has
all the usual Microsoft interface, so you won’t need a long time to figure out
how to use it. You could even use Microsoft Word or Publisher to create your
web page. If you would prefer to check out the full range of HTML editors available,
check out our downloads

Find a host server for your home page
There are a lot of free home page servers for personal home pages. So as you can
see, the process of creating your web page may cost you nothing beside your Internet
connection fees. A good place to start building your home is either at Tridpod
or Geocities. These companies give you
a limited amount of their server’s disk space for you to put your home, in return
they will place a advertisement on top of your page (or as a pop-up window).
Submit your sites to the search engine
Now that your home page is up and running, you would have to tell the world where
you are. I’m talking about submitting your home page to directories and search
engines. A great place to start is here!! You can add your home page address to
our database here. You can
submit your web page to as many directories and search engines as you want. In
fact, the more search engines your submit your URL to, the more chances that you
will get people coming to visit your page. Watch out for more articles about building
a home page in later issue. Good lucks!